ABU Ambassadeur Golden Collection Limited Edition

Truly stunning collection of 24 carat gold plated Abu reels in a Swedish Oak presentation cabinet


This truly stunning collection of classic Abu reels was made in Svangsta, Sweden. Each one has been individually built from specially selected high quality components. The exceptional finish of these reels has been further enhanced by plating many of the parts in 24 carat gold. This Ambassadeur Golden Collection has been limited to a maximum of 500 sets.

The hand crafted mature Swedish Oak presentation cabinets for each of the five hundred sets have been numbered from 1 to 500. Each reel, within the cabinet, is individually numbered in a similar manner from GC 1 to GC 500 and each reel comes with it’s own separate box and each has it’s own name plate for display purposes.

This Ambassadeur Golden Collection comprises nine models:
1500 CDL, 2500 CDL, 3500 CDL, 4600 CDL, 5000 CDL, 6000 CDL, 7000 CDL, 8000 CDL, 10000 CDL.

Our set is number 233.

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