Permit On A Fly


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Jack Samson was editor of Field and Stream for fifteen years until his permit addiction got the best of him!

Jack has pursued permit around the world and has gone further than any other writer in unlocking the mysteries of this fabled fish. Fly Fishing for Permit is his attempt to provide a complete guide to all aspects of permit fishing.
You’ll learn what kind of equipment you’ll need. You’ll get thorough instruction on how to use that equipment. You’ll get detailed information with maps for fishing all the famous permit areas of the world — Mexico’s Ascension Bay, the Florida Keys, Belize, and many more. Finally, Samson has compiled an extensive selection of photos and tying recipes of the most effective flies—included the latest innovative patterns. Plus there’s a bonus appendix of permit fishing stories from several of the most famous permit fishermen in the world including Gordie Hill, Winston Moore, and more.

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