Prologic BF C-Series Reel


Compact in size, small on price, but big on performance – this free spool reel has been designed for carp anglers with high standards who don’t want to break the bank. The reel’s innovative combination of a quick drag and our awesome Bite & Fight function gives you complete choice and control over how you fish – either traditional free spool or with a completely open drag. The drag can instantly offer you serious power, while the free spool system can be precisely adjusted to avoid fish reeling any resistance when they pick up your bait. A fixed gear construction offers superior power transmission and silky smooth gear feel. You will struggle to find a carp reel with a better price to performance ratio

747143000BF3+1 BB278G5.2:1280M/0.25MM78CM8KG
747154000BF3+1 BB286G5.2:1340M/0.25MM84CM8KG
747165000BF3+1 BB365G5.1:1200M/0.35MM89CM11KG
747176000BF3+1 BB373G5.1:1340M/0.35MM96CM11KG





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