Savage Gear Gravity Shallow Hard Lure


There are times in sea bass fishing when a bitesize lure will get results compared to a longer minnow, which is precisely why we created the Gravity Shallow. This sophisticated medium-sized lure carries a multitude of advantages compared to larger lures, including extreme casting ability and steady flight thanks to its advanced transferred weight system, which combines lead, tungsten and steel. The body is based on the same philosophy as the popular Gravity Pencil, which exploits four flat surfaces to get a good grip in the water and flash light in four directions. By adding a small, curved lip we managed to give this lure a rolling action with a maximum dive of 30cm, making it perfect for shallow areas, right above weed beds, around rocks or sunken trees in river mouths. The colour range of the Gravity Shallow is tailor-made to meet the high standards needed for quality sea bass fishing.

Length. 11.5cm

Weight. 20g

•Flat sides for perfect water grip and bright flashing
•Built-in rattle
•Weight system with three metals
•High-end finish Super-sharp and strong saltwater treble hooks
•Super shallow dive


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