Semperfli Raffia multi card

10 Colours of Raffia on a card


What Semperfli say about this product-

Another alternative for shellbacks Swiss Straw is a synthetic raffia. Our synthetic raffia is soft and makes great colored shellbacks. To use Swiss Straw tie in over the body of your nymph then use Semperfli 0.2mm Fly Tying Wires or monofilament to form ribbing for your fly.

Swiss Straw Mixed Pack makes great wing cases and can be wrapped around the hook to create bodies without adding any weight to the pattern. Another alternative use is for very realistic looking wing buds on buzzer patterns – you can Color it with a permanent marker then coat with No Tack UV or varnish for a stunning effect

Swiss Straw Mixed Pack Specifications –

  • 10m per card
  • Synthetic raffia
  • Soft for use as shellbacks, wing cases and as wing buds on buzzers / chironomids
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