Semperfli UV straggle string

With a finer core than typical “fritz” type materials this is the perfect material for really neat small flies


At first glance Straggle String UV may seem like many of the other “fritz” type tying materials… Take a closer look though and you will find Straggle String UV is a carefully developed fly tying material and NOT just another off the peg product poached from the textiles trade.


  • Finer core than typical “fritz” type materials
  • Widest range of natural fly tying colours available
  • Colours chosen by and dyed by the Semper Fli team
  • Coded colours to integrate with the Semper Fli dubbing system
  • Reduced fibre density (less like a blob more like legs or a hackle)
  • Reflective/refractive fibres provide insect-like iridescence
  • Subtle UV properties give the impression of life-like movement


The fact is it’s really up to you… but here are a few tips and tricks from the Semper Fli team to get you started.

  • The fine core means really slim bodies are possible. Try SF3300 on a curved hook for a fantastic bloodworm pattern or any of the natural colours under a shellback for a superb (and very quick to tie) shrimp.
  • Lower fibre density coupled with fine core makes great thoraxes for bead head flies.
  • The fine core absorbs much less water than standard fritz meaning Straggle String UV can be used in dry fly patterns
  • Finer material means smaller flies. Sizes 16, 18, and 20 can easily be tied.
  • The wide range of natural colours is great for imitating the natural invertebrates that make up fishes’ diet.
  • Bright and fluoro colours are great for “hot spots” or attractor patterns.
  • Natural colours coupled with Straggle String UV’s life-like illusion of movement means simple flies can be tied without the need for other materials. Check out the JP Straggle Nymph!
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