Sharpe's 20" Errol Bow Sea trout Net


One of 3 different shaped frames in the Sharpe’s of Aberdeen trout landing net range.

This frame has a bowed front edge and is made in the traditional way.

The frame is 20″, has an overall reach of 62″ that when folded is 22″ and is complete with a 3/4″ (19mm) square mesh Sharpe’s Net Bag (Code HSH-KL4), that is approximately 24″ deep, as shown in the photograph.

Each landing net is manufactured in our UK factory and made from quality components, high tensile alloy and comes with a rubber sleeved handle and grip. The fold over mechanism is first class, consistently winning best in tests and enables the angler to position the net either on their back or belt by way of a belt clip. The net can then easily be removed and, with a gentle flick, lock the net frame into position. Each telescopic extension is manufactured with a piston containing a rubber “O” ring, thus ensuring a smooth transition from closed to fully extended.

Overall reach 62″

Handle 20″-36″

Folded size 22″

3/4″ mesh

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