Snowbee Co-polymer Nylon Single Dropper Leader


Snowbee Copolymer Knotted Leaders with Droppers are ideal for lure, nymph or wet fly fishing and give your flies excellent presentation.

Made from copolymer nylon this provides a strong strength to diameter ratio and near invisible appearance as to not spook any wary fish. The stepped taper will also help turnover your flies neatly every time and give optimal presentation.

The Snowbee Copolymer Knotted Leaders with Droppers are available in various lengths and breaking strains for you to choose from our drop down menu.

Strong, nearly invisible copolymer nylon
Great fly presentation
Includes droppers for multiple flies
Tapered leaders for great turnover
1 supplied per pack


ML12-5X-1-DROP Monofilament Knotted Leader 12ft. 5X-4.1lbs with 1 dropper @ 9ft

ML15-4X-1-DROP Monofilament Knotted Leader 15ft. 4X-6lbs with 1 dropper @ 10ft

ML15-3X-1-DROP Monofilament Knotted Leader 15ft. 3X-8lbs with 1 dropper @ 10ft

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