Snowbee SFT neoprene Gloves

A 100% waterproof, seamless product


Snowbee SFT Neoprene Gloves Unlike traditional neoprene construction where the seams are butt glued & blind stitched, this new technique uses new technology to weld the seams together and then apply an ultra thin, highly elastic tape. This results in a 100% waterproof, seamless product.

The neoprene used is a 4-way high-stretch, 100% CR Neoprene, but only 1mm thick, so for the first time you can have a Neoprene fishing glove, which is a tight fit and ultra-thin, allowing you to feel everything and remain 100% dry. Silicone, screen printed palm and finger panels for superb grip and feel, even when wet.
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