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Guideline Stoked Switch 11′ #7/8


Guideline  new 4-piece Switch rods designed and rated with US Switch weight standards in mind. This means they should be loaded with the same weights as normally used on Scandinavian Double hand rods. Guideline Stoked Switch rods are well-balanced, easy-to-cast and have medium fast actions with a forgiving curve that absorbs beginner errors in the casting stroke. The action is well suited for both Scandi- and Skagit style casting and has a tolerance for a large weight-span in lines to accommodate preferences for both styles.

The length of these rods makes them easy to manage and possible to use as a single hander if you feel the need for that in special situations. They are very well suited for fishing in small- to medium-sized rivers. Because of the line rating, these are powerful rods that manage wind, rather large and heavy flies, as well as a great variety of line types and densities without worries. Both models feature up-locking reel seats and have carefully designed grips with a 265 mm foregrip and 90 mm rear grip. Like all other Stoked 2021 models, these also will feature new and further updated Eco-friendly components.

guideline Stoked models

guideline Stoked 11’ #7/8 Switch
This is a great choice if you like to start using Switch rods and all the fun that comes with them. Light, with a medium-fast action and a performance far beyond that you would expect from rods at this level. This is the right line weight to start with if your target isn’t the largest fish in medium- and larger sized rivers.


We recommend that you rig this rod with the following lines for Scandi/Spey style casts: 3D Compact 30 grams #7/8 Shooting Heads. These are available in seven models from Float to S2/5/7.  4D Compact Multi Tip (Bodies and Tips). The best combination is Floating (or F/S3) 22 grams Body with 12’/7gr Tips (Available from Float to S5/7). For Skagit Style casts, or generally more load of the rod, the following set-up will work well: 4D Compact 25 grams/385 grains Body + 10’ or 12’/7 grams/108 grains Tips.

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