Tsunami Black Crossline Swivels


Tsunami Black Three Way Swivels are widely used by reef anglers who rig several hooks, spaced wisely for fishing schools in hopes of a full line of fish. These swivels can be set up with standard or multi-hook dropper style rig and when attached in-line with a main line, the crossline section allows for a leader perpendicular to the main line, the perfect setup for maximum catch.

This product is made of high quality super stainless steel material processing adding an anti-rust capability and excellent corrosion resistance. The work is extremely delicate, with a professional polish creating a smooth and bright finish. 360 degree rotating flexible swivels make it easy to tie and The finish is black to minimise light reflection, avoiding attacks from toothy predators known to sever lines while biting shinier swivels. Packaged in resealable zip locking bags, all Tsunami swivels offer a great value for any fishermans tackle box.

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