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Wychwood Wrist Support


Wrist Support is a super addition to any angler’s armoury, it not only supports angler’s wrist, while casting but it also helps them cast further and catch more fish!

Manufactured from a hard wearing neoprene, the stretch properties inherent in this material allows for far better control when casting.

Simply slip the support on and when casting tuck the butt of your fly rod into the cuff. When casting the rod butt will tension the cuff, with your hand acting as a pivot, and pull the rod back into an upright position, allowing your fly line to load the rod faster, resulting in longer, more controlled casts.

Not only is it comfortable and a great aid when casting it alleviates strain on the wrist. This handy little neoprene cuff, goes a long way in making a day on the water far more enjoyable.

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